Heart Tunnels (2)

Heart Tunnels (2)

Add a little extra love to your fluff with (2) Heart Tunnels! 


Choose the color and size of your heart tunnel decorations for a hole in one! (get it?)


There is only one placement for heart tunnels (as shown in picture). Double heart tunnels also have one placement (as shown in picture). If you want different placements, please wait for a custom slot to open. Notes with different placement instructions will be disregarded.


IMPORTANT: Add-Ons do not come with ears. They are decorations. If you purchase an Add-On without an ear order, you will be sent the Add-On by itself. You will not be given a refund.


Don't forget to add Protect My BBYs to your order for Protected Boxed Shipping!


For more pictures/videos of these add-ons, please follow @kemonobbys on instagram


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