Pastel Blue Vice Court Wolf Ears

Pastel Blue Vice Court Wolf Ears

"The Vice Court is unique to the Shadow Nobility because they are so unassuming, which could be why they are rumored to be the most dangerous. Vice Court nobles have the innate ability to find anyone's indulgences and then provide them-specifically in excess. These nobles often seek to befriend people with no self control so that the fun never ends. It's rare to see the Vice Court with the same "friends" twice, as they tend to end in disaster and self-destruction. If you can be wise with moderation, they are the best at making others feel loved and appreciated - so long as you don't give in to their offers of temptation."


💊"4 Pastel Wolf Ears

💊Waterproof Neon Drip Design

💊Sterling Silver Ring Piercings

💊 Neon Pill Cabochon Embellishments (some are UV reactive)

💊 Neon Safety Pin Piercings

💊 Removable Ambulance Drip Bows