Pinkie Paws

Shop Policies



  • This is an all ages shop. By purchasing any of my products, you are agreeing to not use them in any illegal fashion or activities. 

  • Reselling is allowed at the same price point as original purchase. Bulk buying/reselling is not allowed.

  • There is a limit of two (2) pairs of ears maximum per person every release.

  • If the shop is empty, products are sold out. Follow @kemonobbys on instagram to stay updated on future products!

  • Kemonobbys does not promote duplicating artwork and does not consent to having its products duplicated in any way.

  • Some products will be sold in auction on Ebay. Follow @kemonobbys on instagram to find out which products!

  • Notes on premade orders for changes/decorations will be disregarded. To add decorations to your ears, please purchase Add-Ons.

  • If found to be violating any of these rules, you will be banned and blacklisted from the shop and all its media accounts indefinitely.



  • Though Kemonobbys is international, COVID-19 has limited shipping to U.S., U.K., and Canada.

  • When buying from Kemonobbys during COVID-19, you understand that delays may occur.

  • Kemonobbys provides two kinds of shipping:

Free Domestic Shipping in a Bubble Mailer 

 Protected Boxed Shipping

  • Protected Boxed Shipping is an add-on and must be added to your cart with your order.

  • Once a package has left the shop, it will have a tracking number with information as to where it is. If delays occur, the tracking number will be the only source of information the shop has to locate it.

Gem Chains
Galaxy Series
Kanzashi Foxes
Rust Red Alpha Fox
Blues Clues Series
Peachy Fox
Yandere Heart Tunnel
Vampire Wolf.jpg

BYOs, Customs, & Remakes

  • BYO (Build Your Own) and Choose Your Color Ears are premade shapes and colors with the ability to decorate them however you'd like with Add-Ons. ​The shape and coloring cannot be altered.

  • Remakes are exact copies of designs Kemonobbys has done before. They do not include OOAK (One Of A Kind) or Auctioned Ears. Prices for remakes are subject to change depending on supply costs and skill level.

  • Customs are completely customizable in shape, color, design, and decoration as long as a reference picture is included. Remakes can be requested as a custom. 


How It Works

  • BYO & Choose Your Color Ears are made as a listing in the shop for immediate purchase. Make sure to include the Add-Ons you would like to your cart with your order. Notes with decorations and/or changes to design will be disregarded.

  • Customs and Remakes can be requested when slots are OPEN. To see updates/more detailed information on Custom/Remake slots, please follow @kemonobbys on instagram.


Anytime Customs & Remakes

Anytime Customs/Remakes are always open and are a flat fee.

All other Custom/Remake rules will apply.

  • Anytime Custom/Remake (Ears) - $150

  • Anytime Custom/Remake (Set) - $270



You Will Be Blacklisted For:

  • Using Kemonobbys products for any illegal activities.

  • Bulk Buying & Reselling

  • Harassment/Slander

Blacklisting is indefinite across all Kemonobbys media platforms.